• Would you like to participate in innovative drug development?

  • Are you closely familiar with modeling methods?

  • Would you like to devote yourself to science and professional growth?

M&S Decisions is searching for scientists who would like to apply fundamental scientific expertise and quantitative thinking in drug development.

We are looking for candidates with the following background:

  • computational medicine and pharmacology,

  • theoretical biology,

  • biophysics,

  • applied mathematics and biostatistics,

  • computational physics,

  • engineering,
  • other fields which use computer-based modeling and simulation to support R&D decisions.

What you need to fit the position

Skills and competencies required

  • Education: Ph.D. in a model-related field, such as physics, biophysics, chemistry, mathematics, statistics, biology.
  • Familiarity/specialization in biology, physiology, pharmacology or medicine.
  • Expert knowledge in application of modeling and simulation methods.
  • Advanced problem-solving and communication/presentation skills.
  • Fluent English (oral and written).
  • Russian citizenship or work permit.

Some technical details for the preferred experience

  • dynamical systems (ODE, PDE),
  • linear and nonlinear regression,
  • generalized linear models,
  • linear and nonlinear mixed-effects models,
  • pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic models,
  • Bayesian statistics,
  • survival analysis,
  • meta-analysis,
  • decision analysis,
  • stochastic simulation,
  • clinical trial design.
  • R,
  • S/S-plus,
  • SAS,
  • Matlab,
  • Mathematica,
  • Nonmem,
  • object oriented programming language (such as C++, etc.).

If you are interested in a career in M&S Decisions and can provide the necessary expertise, please, contact us at